NCCP Silver Coaching Course- ViBC *Now Full*

The Vancouver Island Biathlon Club is pleased to be hosting a NCCP Silver Level Community Coaching course, facilitated by our Lead Competitive Youth Coach, Don Johnston. We would like to invite anyone who has an interest in coaching and has some experience with biathlon as a parent or participant. The course is intended to provide practical, sport-specific, technical information to help new coaches develop the skills required to conduct a safe, fun, and productive lesson in both skiing and shooting. This course follows the new training format initiated in 2019 by Biathlon Canada with a hands-on approach to gaining coaching knowledge.

Who: Registrants must be registered with Biathlon Canada. Registration will be completed through The Locker at (Event #5398455). Participants must be at least 15 years of age, skate-skiing experience is required. 

When: Friday Dec 11th from 5-9pm, and Saturday Dec 12th from 8am-4pm.

What to Bring: *MASK*, rifle, skate ski gear, winter boots, clothing layers, lunch & snacks. A rifle will be available if you do not have one. Electronic course materials will be emailed to you. Bring a laptop or print-out of course materials, as well as a pen and paper.

Where: Friday – 586 Washington Crescent, Courtenay. Saturday – VIBC hut and range.

Cost: FREE for program registered youth age 15-18 and those who intend to help out with VIBC Program offerings.

For further questions or information contact