2021/2022 Squad Applications

Due to the cancellation of the 2020-21 BC Cup series and 2021 Canadian National Biathlon Championships, Biathlon BC has developed a selection process in order to nominate athletes to Biathlon BC Training Squads for the 2021-2022 season. The selection process for the 2021 BiBC training squads will supersede the selection process outlined in the 2020 Biathlon BC Athlete’s Manual.

The selection process will be based on the combination of:

  • Applications submitted by athletes for each Squad
  • Results from biathlon times trials from this past winter
  • Results from cross country ski time trials from this past winter
  • Evaluation of one-skate technique
  • Participation in Biathlon Canada Shooting Challenges
  • Participation in Biathlon BC Squad Challenges
  • Feedback from club coaches

Squad Applications: Athletes are required to apply in order to be considered for a Squad. Some athletes may be eligible for more than one Squad. In this case, athletes should apply for each Squad that they are interested in being nominated for. Athletes are encouraged to review the 2020 Biathlon BC Athlete’s Manual prior to submitting an application in order to understand the goals and commitments involved with each Squad.

Biathlon BC will support four training squads for the 2021/2022 season:

Please click on the squad name above for the corresponding applications

Deadline to apply will be April 15thLate submissions will not be accepted. Biathlon BC’s Athlete Development Committee (ADC) will review all applications and make the final selections for each Squad. The ADC may consider Force Majeure or Medical exemptions* in the selection process, provided that requests for consideration are submitted by April 15th.

The list of athletes nominated to each Squad will be published by May 15th .

Please forward any questions to programs@biathlonbc.ca

*Force Majeure is an unforeseeable circumstance (e.g.: cold weather, closed highways, lack of snow etc.) that prevents an athlete from participating in activities that may be used for Squad Selection. Medical exemptions include illness or injury that prevent an athlete from participating in activities that may be used for Squad selection purposes. Medical exemptions may require confirmation from a health professional.