Job Opportunity for Operations Manager

Biathlon BC is seeking interested applicants to perform the duties of Operations Manager (OM) for the Association. The main job duties of the OM will be to support the Board of Directors, interface with external funding partners and manage the reporting requirements of the various funding agreements.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. The Operations Manager will provide the following services to BiBC:
    • Complete BiBC’s annual community gaming grant application, and other grant applications as requested by the President of BiBC (the “President”);
    • Complete reports as required by funding partners, particularly ViaSport through the BC Sport Information System and BC Activity Reporter;
    • Maintain membership and mailing lists in coordination with Biathlon Canada;
    • Manage the storage of important BiBC documents and records on Dropbox or similar cloud storage;
    • Create and manage registrations for BiBC competitions, courses and camps; 
    • Organize the logistics of BiBC camps and events;
    • Maintain the email account and manage other BiBC email accounts;
    • Manage BiBC’s social media accounts;
    • Communicate promptly and effectively with the BiBC board of directors, other contractors, members and the public;
    • Communicate to the general membership via monthly newsletter;
    • Update and manage the BiBC website; 
    • Attend meetings of the BiBC board and members;
    • Complete other duties as agreed to by the Operations Manager and the President.

Work Expectations 

2.   The Operations Manager will dedicate an average of between ten to twelve hours per week to providing BiBC with the services set out in this agreement. 

3.   The Operations Manager shall provide a summary of completed tasks with each monthly invoice. 

4.   The Operations Manager reports to the President. All additional requests for services to be completed will be agreed to by the Operations Manager and the President.

5.   The Operations Manager will work and communicate directly with members of the BiBC board and other contractors as required to complete the Operations Manager’s duties.

6.   The Operations Manager shall attend the meetings of the directors and the Annual General Meeting of the Society.


7.    The Operations Manager shall be paid $1250 per month in exchange for providing the services set out in this agreement. 

8.    The Operations Manager will submit an invoice monthly to the President and the Treasurer of BiBC.

9.    Travel expenses may be included with the prior written approval of the President.

10.  Additional expenses will not be paid without prior written approval of the President. 


11.  As a contractor, and not an employee, the Operations Manager is not entitled to annual vacation pay or statutory holiday pay, and BiBC is not responsible for the payment of any taxes or statutory remittances such as CPP, EI, or income tax.

12. The Operations Manager agrees to be bound by all policies and procedures of BiBC during the term of this Agreement.

13. The Operations Manager is an employee of Biathlon BC and will not be provided with an office, vehicle, or other such office support

14. Any material, documents and equipment provided to the Operations Manager by BiBC or created by the Operations Manager for BiBC shall remain the property of BiBC. Upon the termination or expiry of this agreement, all equipment, files, records, and other documents shall be returned to BiBC at the request of the President.

15. The Operations Manager acknowledges that they have no authority, express or implied, to enter into contracts or agreements with third parties on behalf of BiBC. The Operations Manager agrees that they shall not, in any manner or fashion, bind BiBC to third parties on the basis of contractual terms or obligations whether written or oral without prior written approval of the President.

Applicants will submit their resumes to by July 10, 2021