Nationals Update

This update contains information about:

1. Division Reps. 

2. Official Nationals Website

3. Wax policyDivision Representatives

Division Representatives

This is a reminder that each Division must identify a Division Rep prior to the first Team Captains’ Meeting. As stated in the Canadian Hosting Policy, the Rep should be present at Nationals and is the main point of contact and liaison between the Division and the Organizing Committee and will be responsible for submitting relay teams, allocating the Division’s wax tents and zeroing lanes, etc. In short, they are the main point of contact between the clubs of a certain Division and the OC.  
***Please send the name and email address of your Divisional Rep to Kara Simons ( by March 4, 2022.***

Nationals Website 
The Biathlon National Championships official website is now live! Please visit for latest updates, schedules, and more! French version soon to follow. 

Biathlon Canada Fluoro-free wax policy

The Biathlon Canada fluoro policy for the 2021-22 season will see a full fluoro ban applied for all Biathlon Canada sanctioned events. This ban on fluorinated waxes was implemented to protect the health of both people and the environment.

What does the ban include? 
The fluoro-free rule applies to all Biathlon Canada competitions (e.g., Trials, Eastern/Westerns, Canadian Championships). 

This means that: 

● High Fluoro (HF), Medium Fluoro (MF) or Low Fluoro (LF) glide waxes, including HF, MF or LF powders, pucks, blocks and liquids are NOT permitted 

● Cold-weather powder additives and hardeners containing fluoros are NOT permitted

Teams and staff participating in Canadian National Championship must agree to refrain from possessing, applying, using, selling, giving-out or trading any products containing fluorocarbons, thus following the Biathlon Canada and IBU rules for fluoro-free waxing.
***Coaches, wax technicians, and support members from every team will be required to sign a fluoro-free wax declaration in order to receive their accreditation. More information and the team declaration to follow in the coming days.***