2022-2023 Biathlon BC Squads – Eligible Athletes and Exemption Request Process

Biathlon BC is pleased to announce the names of the athletes who met the eligibility criteria to apply for a Squad for the 2022-2023 season:

Talent Squad

Aiden Firth, Brydon Harris-Irvine, Darien Day, Ewan Hawes, Gabby Hoehn, Gustave Deseau, James Holmes-Peters, Isla Cadell, Jasmine Hanry, Jessabelle Trelenberg, Keenan Griffiths, Makenna Griffiths, Mia Rodger, Raphael Morin-Cyr, Savannah Bot, Sierra Munroe, Sophie Bertrand, Taje Hansen, Tayte Proulx-Royds, Tyler Lum.

Development/Performance/High Performance Squads

Adrienne Bender, Alexander Hatloe, Aliah Turner, Andrei Secu, Artemis Douglas, Austen Holmes-Peters, Benita Peiffer, Braden Aitken, Cedar Wink, Dan Gilfillan, Emily Dickson, Gavin Johnston, Gillian Gowling, Graham Benson, Iona Cadell, Jasper Fleming, Jojo Ng, Josie Clifford, Kenny Ledingham, Laura Balkwill, Liam Simons, Liam Sinclair, Lucas Clements, Lucas Smith, Meaghan Smith, Molly Caldwell, Moira Green, Nicole Hamp, Parker Munroe, Payton Sinclair, Quinn Morgan, Rory Bot, Ryan Elden, Sarah Beaudry, Sean Benson, Sebastien Solomonson, Sofie Hill, Sophia Ledingham, Sophie Firth, Trevor Schick

The criteria for Squad eligibility are contained in the Athletes Manual.

Eligible athletes will receive an email with instructions on how to apply for a Squad. Applications must be received by April 7.

The applications forms are available here:

Talent Squad

Development Squad

Performance Squad

High Performance Squad

Injury / Force Majeure Exemption Applications

If you did not meet the eligibility criteria, and wish to apply for an exemption due to injury or force majeure, you must email a request to coach@biathlonbc.ca by April 7, setting out what squad you are applying for and the details of the injury/force majeure and how it impacted your training/racing during the 2021/2022 season.