In anticipation of Biathlon BC’s 2016 workshops and annual general meeting at the Whistler Athletes Centre, 1080 Legacy Way, Whistler, BC on May 14 and 15, Biathlon BC has prepared the following information sheet for member clubs and registered participants. If you have any questions about this information or about the AGM, please contact We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the AGM!

What is the schedule for the weekend?

The majority of the weekend will be allocated to a series of workshops on differing topics. These workshops are where the majority of the business of the weekend takes place, and will run on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. The AGM itself, being the formal part of the weekend, will take place on Sunday afternoon from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

Who can attend the workshops?

The workshops are an open discussion forum and any individual can attend either in person or remotely to take part in the discussion. Biathlon BC is encouraging all interested participants to attend the workshops in person in order to make these discussions as productive and engaging as possible. Recognizing that not all interested parties may be able to attend in person, this year Biathlon BC is providing the ability to take part in the workshops remotely, as set out below. While the limitations of technology do not provide the ability to participate remotely as effectively as being at the workshops in person, Biathlon BC believes that remote access will facilitate a greater level of participation in the workshops than in previous years.

What happens at the workshops?

The workshops are intended to provide an open and informal discussion forum where all Biathlon BC participants can raise and discuss issues of importance. This is where individuals can provide their feedback and share their thoughts on issues related to Biathlon BC with participants from across the province, including club representatives and the board of directors. Can I add items to the agenda for the workshops? Yes. As an informal discussion forum, the workshops will cover a variety of topics and anyone is welcome to add a topic for discussion. Currently the topics for discussion include the Athletes Manual, the High Performance Program, Development Squad and Talent Squad, the Hosting Policy, the BC Cup schedule, the development of new clubs, and coaching and officials courses for the upcoming season. If you would like to add an item to the agenda for the workshops please email Ken Ransom at .

What happens at the AGM?

The formal AGM is where the financial statements of the society are presented, the directors provide their report on the previous year, and new directors are elected. This year, the positions of President, Vice President – Programs and Secretary are up for election. In addition, the members may elect additional directors-at-large to the board. Nominations for these positions will be accepted from members at the meeting. However, in order to facilitate the elections, if the names of interested nominees are known in advance they can be forwarded to In addition to the reports and the election of directors, members may move to add special business to the agenda at the meeting. Please note however that any proposed changes to the name or bylaws of Biathlon BC require a special resolution, for which at least 14 days notice must be given to members in order to be placed on the agenda. Club representatives who wish to propose a special resolution are requested to give notice of such resolutions to the board by April 24, 2016 so that the notice of special resolution can be provided to all member clubs.

Who can attend the AGM?

Like the workshops, all individuals are able to attend the AGM in person or remotely, and Biathlon BC encourages everyone to come to the AGM in person or to listen in remotely. However, unlike the workshops, at the AGM all discussion and voting will take place by the member clubs through their appointed club representatives. Individuals who are not club representatives do not have a right to the floor, unless otherwise agreed to by the member clubs.

Is there a Subsidy to Help with the Cost of Attending the AGM?

Yes. Biathlon BC will reimburse the gas receipts for one vehicle per member club for people who attend the AGM. Please save your gas receipts and provide them to Biathlon BC. We recommend that individuals discuss within their clubs who is attending the AGM to facilitate carpools and subsidy requests.

Will Lunch be Served? Lunch will be provided on Saturday and Sunday for those in attendance. If you are planning on attending in person, please assist us with ordering enough food for everyone by registering at to indicate which days you will be attending the AGM in person, and whether you have any dietary restrictions or requests.

What Accommodations are Available for the AGM?

Biathlon BC recommends that attendees stay at the Whistler Athletes Centre, where the workshops and AGM will be held. Information and bookings are available through the Whistler Athletes Centre website.

Who is my club representative?

Club representatives are the individuals appointed by member clubs to attend meetings of the members of Biathlon BC and to vote on behalf of the member clubs. The default club representatives are the individuals listed by clubs when they register with Biathlon Canada each year, but a club is permitted to change its club representative by providing notice to Biathlon BC as described below.

Here are the current club representatives:

  • Blackjack Cross Country Ski Club – Matt Tonner
  • Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club – Daryl Wilson
  • Caledonia Nordic Ski Club – Kevin Pettersen
  • Cariboo Ski Touring Club – Brian Black
  • Nechako Nordics – Gerd Erasmus
  • Omineca Ski Club – Waneta Nealis
  • Sea to Sky Nordics – Munro Duncan
  • Sovereign Lake Nordic Club – Brian Wills
  • Telemark Biathlon – Michelle Banser
  • Vancouver Island Biathlon Club – Pat Douglas
  • West Coast Nordic Club – Peter Algra
  • Whistler Biathlon Society – Jessica Blenkarn

How does the voting work at the AGM?

Pursuant to the bylaws, member clubs are assigned a number of votes based on their numbers of registered participants in the preceding year. For the 2016 AGM, the number of votes held by each club is as follows:

  • Blackjack Cross Country Ski Club – 1
  • Bulkley Valley Cross Country Ski Club – 2
  • Caledonia Nordic Ski Club – 3
  • Cariboo Ski Touring Club – 2
  • Nechako Nordics – 1
  • Omineca Ski Club – 2
  • Sea to Sky Nordics – 4
  • Sovereign Lake Nordic Club – 2Telemark Biathlon – 3
  • Vancouver Island Biathlon Club – 3
  • West Coast Nordic Club – 2
  • Whistler Biathlon Society – 1
  • Total: 26

Does the club representative need to be at the AGM in person to vote?

Yes.  Presently, member clubs must have a representative in attendance in person to vote. Member clubs may appoint any individual of their choosing to be their club representative to attend the meeting in person and to speak and vote on the club’s behalf. If the club representative listed above will not be able to attend the AGM in person, clubs can appoint someone else by having their President or Chair send an email to

How do I participate in the workshops and the AGM remotely?

We are currently exploring software options for allowing people to participate remotely by videoconference. We will post details on how to connect and join the sessions by May 1^st.