We are trying something new this season – a wax protocol for racers in the Senior Boy/Girl through Men/Women categories!  All 8 Biathlon BC Cup races will use the wax protocol.

So why are we doing this?  Well, for a number of good reasons.  First of all, iron-on high fluorocarbon waxes and powders are controversial.  The fumes in the wax rooms require respirators and proper handling of the wax and scrapings.  We are using a relatively new product, the Yes™ Wax System which does not require any heat to apply, simply a rotobrush.  It is a quick, easy and effective wax system and is also high fluorocarbon – but no fumes or wax scrapings.

Secondly, as these races are used to select individuals for Nationals and BC Squads, using a wax protocol puts everyone on the same ski wax and levels the playing field for all.

Third, the cost of waxing will be far less for all of our clubs – we expect each pair of skis to cost $2.50 for each race.

And finally, it is really nice not to have to wax all your team skis every afternoon before each race – just hand them in to the wax protocol team and you are done!  Of course volunteers to help with the protocol waxing are always appreciated!

Other categories will still need to have the teams wax the skis, so Midgets, Juveniles, Junior Boy/Girl, Recreational, Cadets and Masters categories do not fall within the protocol.  For the safety and liability of all involved, BiBC reminds all member clubs and wax technicians that all safety precautions and personal protection equipment must be used when using high fluorocarbon waxes as recommended by the wax manufacturers.