PG CI-2 CourseAn NCCP competition Introduction 2 course (on snow) was hosted by the Caledonia Nordics in Prince George on December 4, 5 and 6. Ten very enthusiastic people took the course and they all enjoyed it and learned a lot of great stuff. There were 5 people from Prince George, 2 from Burns Lake, 2 from Smithers and one from Campbell River.

Although there was no snow in town, the coaches were able to drive north about one hour to Crooked River Provincial Park which provided a perfect venue for the skiing exercises.

There were three guest instructors at the course, who provided tonnes of knowledge, experience and diversity to the course (Allie Dickson, Greame Moore and Shayne Hoehn). The last step will be the organization of their on-site evaluation and then they will be fully trained and certified as NCCP Biathlon Competition Introduction coaches.

Congratulations to all of these 10 coaches that have taken significant time, energy and resources to progress towards their Competition-Introduction coaching certification for biathlon.