Biathlon Canada will nominate a maximum of two (2) candidates to be considered to take the IBU TD Exam. Of all nominated candidates, the IBU will select 8-10 individuals who will write the exam. Successful applicants will be informed in late January and the exam will take place in early May 2019. The application form below must be completed and submitted by 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The application form can be found here


– IBU IR for at least four (4) years 

– Must hold a Biathlon Canada TD qualification 

– Officiated at two (2) international events in the previous four (4) years 

– No older than 55 years of age in order to write the exam 

– Basic verbal communication skills in English 

– Proven suitability as an International Referee (IR) and must be able to function in a senior leadership role in conditions of extreme stress and in view of the fact that an error could have the highest level of consequences. In addition they must be capable of negotiating and liaising successfully with senior members of organizing committees, representatives of the media, and with dignitaries. 

Selection Committee: The Domestic Committee (excluding any members applying for a position); Biathlon Canada Board Member and IBU TD, Bruce Jarvis; Jacqueline Akerman; and Heather Ambery. 

Principles for selection:  

o            Must meet eligibility criteria 

o            Overall strength of application

o            Gender balance, where possible 

o            Applicant’s Involvement in Biathlon Canada domestic events and domestic officials development

o            Applicant’s Local club/division involvement