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Canadian National Biathlon Championships Results

The Canadian Biathlon Championships were a huge success for Team BC, with multiple podium finishes and great races put together by all our athletes.  The weather was in the cold low teens for most of the races in Canmore, with only the Relay race on Sunday getting into single digits.

Congratulations to the athletes and many, many thanks to all the coaches, wax techs, drivers, cooks, parents, organizers, volunteers – it takes a lot of effort by everyone to create conditions for success!  There were many fabulous stories of great food, fun times, hard work and a very supportive group.  With 19 podium finishes and many personal best results, our athletes and coaches have lots to be proud of.

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  • Youth Women: Benita Peiffer 2nd
  • Jr Women: Emily Dickson 2nd
  • Men: Matt Neumann 1st
  • Masters Men: Chris Elden 3rd
  • Masters Women: Callie Lancaster 1st


  • Youth Men: Bobby Kreitz 2nd
  • Youth Women: Benita Peiffer 1st
  • Men: Matt Neumann 2nd
  • Masters Women: Callie Lancaster 1st
  • Masters Men: Chris Elden 2nd


  • Senior Boys: Cole Bender 3rd
  • Youth Women: Benita Peiffer 2nd
  • Jr. Women: Emily Dickson 1st
  • Masters Women: Callie Lancaster 1st


  • Senior: Ethan Algra, Natalie Benoit, Cole Bender: Bronze
  • Youth: Logan Sherba, Benita Peiffer, Bobby Kreitz: Gold
  • Junior: Angus Tweedie, Emily Dickson, Jarod Algra: Silver
  • Men-Women: Arthur Roots, Kaede Kawano, Matt Neumann: Bronze
  • Masters: Chris Elden, Callie Lancaster, Pierre Duflon: Silver