Hello Everyone,

Some sad news for you.  The fall biathlon camp will be cancelled due to a lack of registration and also due to insufficient folks to run the kitchen, and billets.  I
In lieu of a camp, I will look at bringing up the same amazing instructors as guest coaches on weekends over the fall.  Stay tuned!!  Those sessions won’t take on the big job of feeding everyone, but they will offer the opportunity for athlete and coach learning.  They should cost less as well, if everyone eats at home or provides their own meals.  Also stay tuned for the on-snow camp, as there appears to be a lot more interest for that camp.
Thanks everyone for registering and again for those who stepped up for kitchen duties.  I must also thank the parents who have volunteered to bake again, your goodies are always appreciated and I’ll take a rain-check for the winter camp!
The good news in all of this is that we have some new faces who registered and that is so awesome!  Again, stay tuned for some fall training opportunities!
Sally Connon