Athlete percentages are used to qualify and select the athletes that make up Team BC, as well as the provincial high performance, development, and talent squads. This year BiBC has decided to post the athlete’s percentage calculations as the competitions are completed. In accordance with this policy the results can be found here –

As a clarification to the rules regarding the selection competitions, the ADC is acknowledging that while the rules in Part 3.3.d and 3.5 of the athletes manual are ambiguous regarding the ability of IBU category athletes to choose competitions other than the published selection competitions to calculate their athlete percentages, the “spirit and intent” of these criteria is that IBU category athletes who reside in BC must attend these selection races and that the alternate or “other” races are intended for those IBU athletes living outside the province full time. In practical terms this means that IBU category athletes who attend a min of 4 of the selection competitions will be unable to use other IBU sanctioned races to calculate their AP unless there are force majeure considerations.

Any questions regarding these results or the selection process may be sent to the ADC Committee c/o Peter Algra –