Thursday, April 2nd @ 4:30pm PST

Event Program & Agenda HERE

Connect with your media device, and enter with your (and any family members watching with you) proper first and last name to be eligible for the door draw prizes.

Much of the event is visual therefore using a computer is highly recommended.

Your audio will be muted upon entry, please keep it muted to minimize feedback and ensuring all can hear the presentations. Please use the chat box to ask questions, offer congrats etc. 

Your video will be turned off – unless the host invites you to turn it on.

Join Zoom Meeting LINK

Suggestions for the best connection on this call:

  1. Close other applications and software on your computer
  2. Download the Zoom software (or simply connect via your browser)
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Mute option (see attached photo, #1)
  4. If you cannot see/hear, dial in from your telephone (number below)
  5. Join the line 5 minutes early and we will help you test your connection
  6. If you have a question, please type it in the chat box (see attached photo, #2 and #3)
  7. Zoom Tips HERE

Only if you are having connectivity challenges: By telephone: Dial +1 778 907 2071 MEETING ID 204 566 064