NCCP Biathlon Competition-Introduction Dryland Workshop
Where: Kimberley Nordic Centre, Kimberley, BC
When: Saturday October 17, 9:00-18:00 and Sunday October 18, 9:00 –14:00
Who: This workshop is intended for coaches who are coaching a program for competitive train-to-train athletes (approximately ages 13-16). The workshop will focus mainly on shooting technical knowledge, shooting practices and analyzing shooting technique. Coaches should have at least one year of prior biathlon coaching experience.

Pre-Requisites: In order to attend this workshop, coaches must be 16 years or older, have a BiCan/BiBC membership for the 2020-2021 season, have completed the following NCCP multi-sport modules: Plan a Practice, Teaching and Learning, and Basic Mental Skills.

What Coaches should bring: laptop or notepad, scope, tripod, shooting board, rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition (optional). Lunch and snacks as there will be no food service at the nordic centre. Clothing appropriate for the conditions, we may spend an extended period of time outside.

Registration: Click HERE to Register

Course Fee: The fee for the course is $75 per person. BiBC will contact participants once they register to arrange payment of the course fee by e-transfer.

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