Nechako biathlon experienceThe Nechako Nordics hosted a Biathlon Experience for the Municipal Council of Vanderhoof on 20th of February. Six council members participated, with several interested spectators.

Each Councillor was paired with an athlete, who first instructed them on the safety aspects of handling a rifle. After that the participants shot a paper targets so that they could see the results of their efforts.

A “race” was then organized where the athletes did the skiing, and the councillors did the shooting. A small penalty loop was used for missed shots.

Everyone had a great time, and was surprised at how difficult it is to hit the actual prone target, as it is only the size of a twoonie, at 50 metres! As it was such a successful event, the club is thinking of expanding this opportunity to businesses and other governing groups.

This event took a couple of months to set up, as scheduling was the most difficult thing to achieve. The actual set up took 30 minutes, and was organized to be at the end of a Jackrabbits/race group session.

The actual event time was about 90 minutes, and clear up 20 minutes. Nechako now have a council that has some knowledge and appreciation of the sport, and have already received some suggestions for funding for capital projects.