Biathlon BC is excited to announce the following two volunteer appointments:

  • Fiona Milne as the 2020 Fort St John BC Winter Games Biathlon Provincial Advisor, and
  • Ken Lane as the 2020 Fort St John BC Winter Games  Biathlon Sport Chair.

Ms Milne and Mr. Lane are long time sport promoters in the sport of biathlon.   Both have been involved in training biathletes and organizing events at the local level right up to national competitions.  Ken Lane is a local resident of Fort St. John and is a volunteer in both the local community and activities across BC.

BiBC also would like to thank Ms. Lynn Algra for her superb work leading up to and during the 2018 Kamloops BCWG.   Her passion in the sport of Biathlon and her collaborative approach to organizing the competitions made the Kamloops games a huge success, to a level that we have not experienced before.  Athletes and community leaders still talk about their experience in biathlon at the BCWG Kamloops in glowing terms.

Biathlon BC is Provincial Sport Organization in the sport of biathlon and has jurisdiction of all biathlon activities in the Province of BC.  Biathlon BC is a sport partner with the BC Games Society.