Is your club planning to host an officials course or a coaching course between now and April 30, 2017?  BIBC provides funding to assist clubs in hosting officials and coaching courses.  To help with the distribution of such funds, there is a funding grid for officials and coach funding.

The officials funding grid is available through this link  The coach funding grid is available through this link

We always need more coaches!
We always need more coaches!

As you can imagine, the funds that are available from Biathlon BC are limited.  In order to fairly distribute the available funds for developing coaches and officials across the province, it is important to know what each club’s intentions are with respect to offering courses during the current fiscal year.  Please submit your intention to host a course and the amount of assistance you will be requesting by November 4, 2016 to Sally Connon at

The Biathlon BC Board believes it is important to develop both coaches and officials within the province.  To help guide this development over the coming years, two separate committees will be formed – the Officials Development Committee and the Coaches Development Committee.  If you are interested in participating in one or both of these committees, please contact Sally Connon at  The development of coaches and officials at every club is central to growing this great sport in BC.

Officiating is a fun way to get involved!