Privileges and Restrictions of Day Licenses

  • Day licenses allow you to participate in all biathlon activities that require Biathlon Canada insurance (e.g. Recreational Classes, Regional Races, Promotional events, Toonie races, Demo Days, Introduction to Biathlon, etc)
  • Day licenses cannot be used for out-of province biathlon activities (a local day membership would have to be purchased).
  • A day license is required for each single day of a biathlon related activity. For example, if you are participating in a two-day event and do not have a Biathlon Canada season registration, you will be required to purchase two day licenses.
  • An athlete who is participating with a Day license at a BC Cup may only enter the Recreational category, except for Juvenile and Midgets who may compete in their respective classes with a Day license.

Purchasing a Day License

Individual Day licenses may be purchased by sending payment to the Biathlon BC Treasurer – see below for reporting information.  Each license costs $5.50 each.

Reporting Day Licenses

Clubs hosting events for which they need to purchase Day licenses may do so by having each individual fill out and sign the Day License form. The forms are to be kept by the club for their records. Birthdate, gender and postal code for each day license must then be transcribed onto the Day License Reporting Sheet and emailed to the Treasurer. A cheque can then be mailed as instructed on the Application.

Day Membership reporting sheet

For each event, please fill in the on-line form, just takes a couple of minutes.  Click here for the link.