the governing body for Biathlon in British Columbia

List Of Participants

Here are the registration numbers for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers for the 2016/2017 season, as of February 6, 2017.

First NameLast NameClubCategoryRegistration Number
KaedeKawanoSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1
KaoriKawanoSea to Sky NordicsOfficials2
ToshiKawanoSea to Sky NordicsOfficials3
BobbyKreitzCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)4
SarahBeaudryCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)5
anncollardNechako NordicsOfficials6
paulcollardNechako NordicsOfficials7
JohnNeumannCaledonia NordicCoaches8
HeatherNeumannCaledonia NordicOfficials9
ClaireEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)10
RyanEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)11
ChrisEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubMaster Athletes12
LisaMcCargarCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters13
ColtonHayTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)14
RoryHayTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)15
AndrewHayTelemark Ski ClubCoaches16
DonnaOlsonTelemark Ski ClubSupporters17
EdHoffmanCaledonia NordicCoaches18
ErikHoffmanCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)19
JodyHoffmanCaledonia NordicMaster Athletes20
AndreiSecuWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)21
AdrianSecuWest Coast Nordic ClubSupporters22
DanielaSecuWest Coast Nordic ClubSupporters23
MarkHartleyCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)24
MaryHartleyCaledonia NordicCoaches25
IanHartleyCaledonia NordicOfficials26
GlennHartleyCaledonia NordicVolunteers27
StuartHartleyCaledonia NordicVolunteers28
JimCrellinCariboo Ski Touring ClubCoaches29
AlisonCrellinCariboo Ski Touring ClubOfficials30
KeiranMarchandBlackjackAthletes (Sr B/G & older)31
MatthewNeumannCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)33
CallieLancasterBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Master Athletes34
DAMIANGEORGYEVCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)35
PETARGEORGYEVCaledonia NordicCoaches36
RichardClineWhistler Biathlon AcademyOfficials37
Daryl KahnClineWhistler Biathlon AcademyOfficials38
KevinKrieseBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches39
SetonKrieseBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)40
MillerKrieseBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Jr B/G & younger)41
GillianFisherI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaOfficials42
BrunoSt-OngeI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaOfficials43
GavinJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)44
SylvieJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)45
LauraJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubCoaches46
DonJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubCoaches47
AngusTweedieBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)48
MichelleSasvariBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches49
PeterTweedieBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches50
EthanAlgraWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)51
SophiaAlgraWest Coast Nordic ClubRecreational Athletes52
JarodAlgraWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)53
LynnAlgraWest Coast Nordic ClubVolunteers54
PeterAlgraWest Coast Nordic ClubCoaches55
GrahamBensonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes56
SeanBensonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes57
AvaNealisOmineca Ski ClubRecreational Athletes58
KyleNealisOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)59
MattNealisOmineca Ski ClubSupporters60
WanetaNealisOmineca Ski ClubCoaches61
AlexandraDicksonCaledonia NordicCoaches62
EmilyDicksonCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)63
BryanDicksonOmineca Ski ClubCoaches64
CharlieWilliamsCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)65
TekarraBanserTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)66
MakennaBanserTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)67
MichelleBanserTelemark Ski ClubCoaches68
LiamConnonCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)69
JAMESCONNONCaledonia NordicCoaches70
SALLYCONNONCaledonia NordicOfficials71
MackenzieConnonCaledonia NordicOfficials72
JuliaRansomTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)73
KennethRansomTelemark Ski ClubOfficials74
ChristineRansomTelemark Ski ClubSupporters75
williamtangWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)76
erictangWest Coast Nordic ClubVolunteers77
BrynnWitwickiCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)78
AlanWitwickiCaledonia NordicCoaches79
WolfgangHauserI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaVolunteers80
SoyungParkWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)81
JinnyLeeWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)82
TimDykeWest Coast Nordic ClubCoaches83
SofieHillSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)84
EmmanuelBussaniWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)85
ArielBussaniWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)86
LoriBussaniWest Coast Nordic ClubSupporters87
AllisonJoyceCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)88
TristanDykeWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)89
MorganDykeWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)90
ArmanSoheiliWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)91
KarenDykeWest Coast Nordic ClubSupporters92
GarethDykeWest Coast Nordic ClubVolunteers93
TonyTsangWest Coast Nordic ClubOfficials94
LoganSherbaCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)95
SydneySherbaCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)96
scottSherbaCaledonia NordicCoaches97
sherrySherbaCaledonia NordicSupporters98
AnjaNessetCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes99
PederNessetCaledonia NordicCoaches100
EwanHawesOmineca Ski ClubRecreational Athletes101
MaryHawesOmineca Ski ClubRecreational Athletes102
NickHawesOmineca Ski ClubRecreational Athletes103
MarleeWilsonOmineca Ski ClubRecreational Athletes104
MarieSt-PierreSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes105
ColeBenderOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)106
AdrienneBenderOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)107
AgatheBernardOmineca Ski ClubCoaches108
WesBenderOmineca Ski ClubCoaches109
MeganTandyCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)110
LaureenDusikSovereign Lake Nordic CenterCoaches111
BertMuellerSovereign Lake Nordic CenterCoaches112
CodyVanwerkhovenNechako NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)113
KylaVanwerkhovenNechako NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)114
RandyHampOmineca Ski ClubMaster Athletes115
GabrielaHampOmineca Ski ClubCoaches116
NicoleHampOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)117
JuliaHampOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)118
ArthurForsythI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaOfficials119
CaseyLesawichBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Jr B/G & younger)120
ClaireLesawichBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)121
WallyLesawichBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches122
FionaMilneVancouver Island Biathlon ClubCoaches123
HunterDi MarzoSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes124
ThomasRibièreI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaRecreational Athletes125
ChrisHalldorsonTelemark Ski ClubCoaches126
BlairPettisVancouver Island Biathlon ClubMaster Athletes127
SashaQureshiWhistler Biathlon AcademyAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)128
EmmetHunterCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)129
JohnMcNernTelemark Ski ClubMaster Athletes130
TimurMcNernTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)131
MurrayCarlsonTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes132
GlenLeightonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes133
LavinaWongSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes134
IanLeightonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes135
ColeWanklingCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)136
NicholasVeekenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)137
ElisabethVeekenCaledonia NordicCoaches138
NickVeekenCaledonia NordicCoaches139
KiraFriesenTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)140
LorraineFriesenTelemark Ski ClubCoaches141
ShayneFriesenTelemark Ski ClubCoaches142
ClaytonWhitmanSea to Sky NordicsCoaches143
JessicaBlenkarnSea to Sky NordicsCoaches144
NatalieBenoitTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)145
ShendahBenoitTelemark Ski ClubSupporters146
B EdwardBenoitTelemark Ski ClubSupporters147
JonahBenoitTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes148
YvetteJacksonSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes149
SakuraKawanoSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)150
TenzinHoogSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes151
LarryReynoldsVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes152
ShannonReynoldsVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes153
JessicaReynoldsVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)154
LaurenReynoldsVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)155
MatthewReynoldsVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)156
EtienneLetondeurSea to Sky NordicsCoaches157
EvanGrimmSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes158
LarissaBlackSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)159
TomPawlowskiSea to Sky NordicsCoaches160
KaitlinUribe PawlowskiSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)161
KevinAntrobusI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaOfficials162
JasperMackenzieTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)163
AlexSinnesSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes164
MaxSinnesSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)165
RichardPriceSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes166
OliverGrenierTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)167
DylanWinder-BerkeySea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)168
JosieCliffordSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes169
NicoleMcBrideNechako NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)170
OdinMillsCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)171
MichelleArcandCariboo Ski Touring ClubVolunteers172
RichardBLANCHETSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes173
MicahJacobCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)174
MajaJacobCaledonia NordicCoaches175
QuinnFriesenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)176
KentFriesenCaledonia NordicVolunteers177
MyaFriesenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)178
KeriClossonCaledonia NordicSupporters179
DanielleClareCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)180
EliseClareCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)181
SheldonClareCaledonia NordicOfficials182
LandonAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubRecreational Athletes183
StephanieAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters184
BriannaAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters185
StigAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters186
AnniKurtaCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)187
JimKurtaCariboo Ski Touring ClubCoaches188
PatDouglasVancouver Island Biathlon ClubCoaches189
BenDouglasVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers190
AaronSinclairCaledonia NordicCoaches191
StaceySinclairCaledonia NordicCoaches192
LiamSinclairCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes193
PaytonSinclairCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes194
josephwinkelaarVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)195
MichelleBucherVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters196
IonaCadellCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)197
KevinMoutrayNechako NordicsCoaches198
LinneaMoutrayNechako NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)199
JosephWinkelaarVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)200
MichelleBucherVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters201
PetraGierSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes202
LawrenceGohI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaOfficials203
armenevrenselSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes204
RossTurchynVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes205
ColtonMac DougallWhistler Biathlon AcademyAthletes (Sr B/G & older)206
HaydenNeilCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)207
QuinnNeilCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)208
VernonNeilCaledonia NordicCoaches209
NadineNeilCaledonia NordicVolunteers210
WilliamGlosleeCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes211
ThomasSchratzWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)212
WilliamSchratzWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)213
LisaSchratzWest Coast Nordic ClubVolunteers214
PaulSchratzWest Coast Nordic ClubVolunteers215
BjornvanGelovenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)216
CorinnaSchmidtI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaOfficials217
KevinLeBlancI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaOfficials218
ClaudiaVivianiSea to Sky NordicsCoaches219
JonathanAndersonSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes220
CathyMartinSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)221
SorshaHenningSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)222
SarahMcCawSea to Sky NordicsCoaches223
RaphaelGascSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)224
AlexisGascSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes225
CatherineRobinsonTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes226
MarinLoweSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes227
CamilleHanrySovereign Lake Nordic CenterAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)228
BenitaPeifferSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)229
MatthiasDe GisiBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Jr B/G & younger)230
DylanWinder-BerkeySea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)231
DerekSchickSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes232
KatelynSchickSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes233
ChristieSimonBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Recreational Athletes234
QuinnFriesenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)235
MyaFriesenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)236
KentFriesenCaledonia NordicCoaches237
KeriClossonCaledonia NordicVolunteers238
ArloKastTelemark Ski Club Recreational Athletes239
IslaKastTelemark Ski Club Recreational Athletes240
SimonLongSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)241
MaxSterelyukhinSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes242
RichardPriceSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes243
PierreBeaudryCaledonia NordicCoaches244
LeisbetBeaudryCaledonia NordicOfficials245
JaedonChaseSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)246
TaylorFultonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes247
AndreaAllegrettoSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes248
CharliHoyerTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes250
SaylorHoyerTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes251
AriadneDouglasCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)252
ArtemisDouglasCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)253
Rob-RoyDouglasCaledonia NordicSupporter254
VasilikiDouglasCaledonia NordicSupporter255
EvanGrimmSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes256
AlisonPatchOmineca Ski ClubOfficials257
ColtonBlaneyTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes258
RobsonUnderwoodSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)259
MaxRemmlerSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes260
CarrieJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubCoaches261
PierreDuflonSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes262
EllaMacpheeSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes263
TylerNgSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes264
BreannahBugslagVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)265
DanicaArianoSovereign Lake Nordic CenterAthletes (Sr B/G & older)266
FeliciaO'GormanSovereign Lake Nordic CenterSupporter267
MarcoArianoSovereign Lake Nordic CenterSupporter268
LeeDuftySea to Sky NordicsSupporter269
LucasSadeskySovereign Lake Nordic CenterRecreational Athletes270
GregSadeskySovereign Lake Nordic CenterSupporter271
SusanCairnsSovereign Lake Nordic CenterSupporter272
QuintonFeserSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes273
AndreaCampeau-FeserSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes274
GustaveDeseauSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes275
ErinCrawfordSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes276
BenSweenySea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes277
RyanSweenySea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes278
LeviAntleSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes279
LeonieKnausSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes280
PascalBenoitTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes281
JaredHamelinCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)282
GraemeHamelinCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)283
ReeseHamelinCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)284
GiselaHamelinCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporter285
ChrisHamelinCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporter286
DeirdraHolmwoodSovereign Lake Nordic CenterCoaches287
ThereseHirstI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaCoaches288
SimonLongSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes289
ShirleyHowdleSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes291
LaurenSemkowSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes292
IzabellaJostSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes293
KaiEarl-ThomasSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes294
SierraEarl-ThomasSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes295
JaredMacqueenSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes296
RobinMacqueenSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes297
PaulCollardNechako NordicsOfficials298
anncollardNechako NordicsOfficials299
bryanswansburgBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Master Athletes300
lancecrumpSovereign Lake Nordic CenterMaster Athletes301
JeremyCampbellOther autreCoaches302
RenateDorschnerCaledonia NordicOfficials303
JenniferNessetCaledonia NordicOfficials304
DYLANGILBERTBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Recreational Athletes305
TerriDicksonCaledonia NordicOfficials306
OskarValdalVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters307
DavidValdalVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters308
PeterValdalVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters309
BarbaraValdal AngellVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters310
GeorgeValdal PartridgeVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters311
AngelinaValdalVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters312
FionaValdalVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters313
GaryYoungSovereign Lake Nordic CenterRecreational Athletes314
gerderasmusNechako NordicsCoaches315
MalloryMellorSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes316
AbbeyMellorSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes317
CheltonvanGelovenCaledonia NordicCoaches318
GabrielleHoehnCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes319
ShayneHoehnCaledonia NordicOfficials320
TuppyHoehnCaledonia NordicCoaches321
GriffinReuschCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)322
LiamReuschCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)323
AronReuschCaledonia NordicVolunteers324
MeganHunterCaledonia NordicVolunteers325
AliCadellCaledonia NordicCoaches326
WillCadellCaledonia NordicSupporters327
ColinBellI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaVolunteers328
GriffinReuschCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes329
RobertReuschCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes330
JenniferLeeCaledonia NordicVolunteers331
RandyYoungCaledonia NordicVolunteers332
StephaneDeseauSea to Sky NordicsVolunteers333
EthanJoyceCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)334
GillianHelliwellSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)335
DavidHelliwellSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes336
RandyHampOmineca Ski ClubRecreational Athletes337
GabrielaHampOmineca Ski ClubRecreational Athletes338
NicoleHampOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)339
JuliaHampOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)340
ArthurRootsCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)341
NoahPedersenBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Recreational Athletes342
PeterLangWhistler Biathlon AcademyOfficials343
HeatherLangWhistler Biathlon AcademyOfficials344
StephaneDeseauSea to Sky NordicsOfficials345
AedanMillerCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes346
BrendanMillerCaledonia NordicVolunteers347
CherylChaseSea to Sky NordicsCoaches348
MattiasVan BergeykTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes349
NadiaVan BergeykTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes350
MurrayCarlsonTelemark Ski ClubMaster Athletes351
MikeRichardsVancouver Island Biathlon ClubCoaches352
DarylWilsonBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches353
AmandaWilsonBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)354
KendallChongCaledonia NordicCoaches355
Lea-MarieBowes-LyonBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Recreational Athlete356
MarthaMcBrideNechako NordicsVolunteers357
ChristopherPaulsenOmineca Ski ClubMaster Athletes358
Reannavan HaaftenTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athlete359
BarbaraKaneCaledonia NordicOfficials360
AndrewKennedySea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete361
HeatherKennedySea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete362
JamesBaxterBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Jr B/G & younger)363
AlanBaxterBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches364
EnzoFershauTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athlete365
KeiranMarchandBlackjackAthletes (Sr B/G & older)366
FrancoiseDucretVancouver Island Biathlon ClubOfficials367
CathyMacKenzieTelemark Ski ClubCoaches368
RichardMacKenzieTelemark Ski ClubCoaches369
CarsonMacKenzieTelemark Ski ClubCoaches370
AnnaParkhomenkaSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)371
BetsySmithI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaCoaches372
JulianHudsonSovereign Lake Nordic CenterAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)373
TroyHudsonSovereign Lake Nordic CenterMaster Athletes374
LoganCoxKimberley Biathlon ClubRecreational Athlete375
GlennMcHattenSovereign Lake Nordic CenterRecreational Athlete376
GaryTateSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete377
SofiaAntoniouWest Coast NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)378
PaulAntoniouWest Coast NordicsCoaches379
CeilidhLawtonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete380
CraigRalphTelemark Ski ClubOfficials381
JordanLakerSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes382
WilliamTangWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)383
AnnekeVan RaalteSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete384
julietpulfreySea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete385
zoepulfreySea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete386
DodiGabaSovereign Lake Nordic CenterRecreational Athlete387
TenzinHoogSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete388
ObanParrSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete389
PhilipDouglasVancouver Island Biathlon ClubCoaches390
LyndseyDouglasVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athlete391
KenErricoVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athlete392
LiaraLucier-HallOther autreRecreational Athlete393
conallteixeiraVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)394
marcteixeiraVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers395
robinstewartVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers396
JeffreyDietrichVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athlete397
AndrewLawsonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete398
AndreSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athlete399
KaiSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers400
MiaSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers401
LukeMackieSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete402
MollyMackieSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete403
RyderReordaSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete404
TajeHansenSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athlete405
KimChiltonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes406
Mark AnthonyRobertsVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes407
DawnDuncanVancouver Island Biathlon ClubOfficials408
BrydonHarris IrvineSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes409
RebeccaWeaverSovereign Lake Nordic CenterCoaches410
DavidPeatfieldWhistler Biathlon AcademyRecreational Athletes411
KeenanGriffithsSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes412
SorenWeetmanSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes413
KimKawaguchiOther autreMaster Athletes414
RobertDisbrowOther autreMaster Athletes415
Antjevon Seydlitz-KurzbachBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)416
ScottClarke-DoeringBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Recreational Athletes417
WesleyTonkinTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)418
MatthiasKorpusSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes419
OliverWeber-HardingSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes420
ColeWilsonOther autreRecreational Athletes421
LoicWeberKimberley Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes422
VanierWeberKimberley Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes423
ClarkWeberKimberley Biathlon ClubCoaches424
KentMeyerKimberley Biathlon ClubSupporters425
CadenMeyerKimberley Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes426
RoanChristieKimberley Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes427
HenryHeighKimberley Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes428
ValerieBergeyCaledonia NordicCoaches429
DavidFreyI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaOfficials430
StuartWellsI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaCoaches431
CarolynnDufresneSovereign Lake Nordic CentreCoaches432
MarianneMorganTelemark Ski ClubOfficials433
MaximBelangerBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Jr B/G & younger)434
SaraBelangerBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Officials435
AlyssaChapmanWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)436
MicaelaDaySea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes437
MichaelDaySea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes438
MasonFergusonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes439
DaneRemmlerSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes440
CashNedelakSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes441
RichardMcGinnisVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes442
Gerritvan SittertVancouver Island Biathlon ClubMaster Athletes443
LucasClementsSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes444
MichaelAkeyVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes445
GrahamBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)446
LauraBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)447
KarenBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubVolunteers448
BrianBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubVolunteers449
PierreMartinSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes450
TysenIkeSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes451
EllaCrawfordSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes452
AddieCrawfordSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes453
GracieCrawfordSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes454
TadhgKevenerSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes455
TavishBondeSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes456
SageCulpVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)457
JenniferScreechVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers458
TylerLuchiesVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers459
IanMacLeodSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes460
CharlotteMacLeodSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes461
PhoebeMacLeodSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes462
NadiaSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes463
CindySherstanCariboo Ski Touring ClubOfficials465
RaphaelMorin-CyrSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes466
TrevorHayesVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes467
EricLuchiesSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes468
OwenLuchiesSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes469
BethLuchiesSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes470
JenniferScreechSea to Sky NordicsSupporters471
TylerLuchiesSea to Sky NordicsSupporters472
LiamBugslagVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes473
BryanBugslagVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers474
DaleHarrisonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes475
RobinSturleyVancouver Island Biathlon ClubCoaches476
TimRootsCaledonia NordicOfficials477
AnnGodonCaledonia NordicOfficials478
JadeFinchWest Coast Nordic ClubRecreational Athletes479
CharlesFinchWest Coast Nordic ClubCoaches480
ArtinSoheiliWest Coast Nordic ClubRecreational Athletes481
LucySteevesVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes482
PeterSteevesVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers483
LouGibsonWhistler Biathlon AcademyCoaches484
JessicaHeyesWhistler Biathlon AcademyCoaches485
JasonSaliTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes487
TonyChinWhistler Biathlon AcademyCoaches488
HardyO'DonoghueBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Recreational Athletes489
BillMooreWhistler Biathlon AcademyCoaches490