the governing body for Biathlon in British Columbia

List Of Participants

Here are the registration numbers for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers for the 2017/2018 season, as of August 9, 2017.

First NameLast NameClubCategoryRegistration Number
BrynnWitwickiCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)2
AlanWitwickiCaledonia NordicCoaches3
AngusTweedieBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)4
PeterTweedieBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches5
MurrayCarlsonTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes8
JohnMcNernTelemark Ski ClubMaster Athletes16
TimurMcNernTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)17
LinneaMoutrayNechako NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)18
KevinMoutrayNechako NordicsCoaches21
KaedeKawanoOther autreAthletes (Sr B/G & older)27
CallieLancasterBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Master Athletes43
DanielleClareCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)44
EliseClareCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)45
SheldonClareCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)46
KeiranMarchandOther autreAthletes (Sr B/G & older)92
ClaireEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)103
RyanEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)104
ChrisEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubMaster Athletes105
LisaMcCargarCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters106
AndrewHayTelemark Ski ClubCoaches109
DonnaOlsonTelemark Ski ClubVolunteers110
ColtonHayTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)114
RoryHayTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)115
ErikHoffmanCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)146
EdHoffmanCaledonia NordicVolunteers147
MurrayCarlsonTelemark Ski ClubCoaches148
NicholasVeekenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)157
ElisabethVeekenCaledonia NordicCoaches158
NickVeekenCaledonia NordicCoaches159
ColeBenderOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)163
AdrienneBenderOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)164
WesBenderOmineca Ski ClubCoaches165
AgatheBernardOmineca Ski ClubCoaches166
ClaireLesawichBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)174
WallyLesawichBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches175
CodyVanwerkhovenNechako NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)176
KylaVanwerkhovenNechako NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)177
MackenzieConnonCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)188
LiamConnonCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)189
JamesConnonCaledonia NordicCoaches190
SallyConnonCaledonia NordicOfficials191
LaureenDusikSovereign Lake Nordic CenterCoaches200
BertMuellerSovereign Lake Nordic CenterCoaches201
BrianBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters202
GrahamBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)203
KarenBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters204
LauraBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)205
ClaytonWhitmanWhistler Biathlon SocietyOfficials216
JessicaBlenkarnSea to Sky NordicsCoaches217
RobertSchniderVancouver Island Biathlon ClubOfficials223
MichelleArcandCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters233
OdinMillsCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)234
ChristophDettlingVancouver Island Biathlon ClubMaster Athletes252
PederNessetCaledonia NordicCoaches264
AnjaNessetCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes265
JenniferNessetCaledonia NordicOfficials266
EmilyDicksonCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)267
Mary IsobelHartleyCaledonia NordicCoaches274
ColeWanklingCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)278
JonathanKerrVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes291
ChristyWagnerVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes292
GwenKerrVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes293
TobinKerrVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes294
LeilaFlavianoCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)298
PollyFlavianoCaledonia NordicSupporters299
AllisonJoyceCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)300
CharlieWilliamsCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)303
DamianGeorgyevCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)307
PETARGEORGYEVCaledonia NordicCoaches308
BlairPettisVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes320
millerKrieseBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)333
KevinKrieseBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches334
NicoleMcBrideNechako NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)345
MarthaMcBrideNechako NordicsCoaches346
GuyP├ępinOther autreOfficials347
DanikaFialaCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes351
AlexanderGauldVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes353
QuinnFriesenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)354
MyaFriesenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)355
KentFriesenCaledonia NordicCoaches356
KeriClossonCaledonia NordicSupporters357
BryanDicksonOmineca Ski ClubCoaches358
AlexandraDicksonOmineca Ski ClubCoaches359
LiamSinclairCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)360
PaytonSinclairCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)361
AaronSinclairCaledonia NordicCoaches362
StaceySinclairCaledonia NordicCoaches363
EthanJoyceCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)367
GlenLeightonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes368
IanLeightonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes369
LavinaWongSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes370
KiraFriesenTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)381
IonaCadellCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes382
LorraineFriesenTelemark Ski ClubCoaches390
ShayneFriesenTelemark Ski ClubSupporters391
SeanBensonSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)394
AndrewBensonSea to Sky NordicsCoaches395
QuinnNeilCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)400
VernonNeilCaledonia NordicCoaches401
ChristopherHalldorsonTelemark Ski ClubCoaches403
StephanieAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters424
StigAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters425
BriannaAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubRecreational Athletes426
LandonAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubRecreational Athletes427
Deryck-JamesTsangWest Coast Nordic ClubRecreational Athletes433
TonyTsangWest Coast Nordic ClubCoaches434
MarieSt-PierreSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes435
MichelleBanserTelemark Ski ClubCoaches436
MakennaBanserTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)437
TekarraBanserTelemark Ski ClubCoaches438
michaelakeyVancouver Island Biathlon ClubMaster Athletes444
EnzoFershauTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes445
PatDouglasVancouver Island Biathlon ClubOfficials457
JuliaRansomTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)467
KenRansomTelemark Ski ClubOfficials468
ChristineRansomTelemark Ski ClubSupporters469
OdenRansomTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes470
DanicaArianoSovereign Lake Nordic CenterAthletes (Sr B/G & older)471
OliverGrenierTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)476
JosephWinkelaarVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)479
B EdwardBenoitTelemark Ski ClubOfficials492
NatalieBenoitTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)493
MajaJacobCaledonia NordicCoaches497
MicahJacobCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)498
SarahBeaudryCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)506
TerriDicksonOmineca Ski ClubOfficials507
paulcollardNechako NordicsOfficials511
KiraKishimotoSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes521
AedanMillerCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)550
MattNeumannCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)598
TuppyHoehnCaledonia NordicCoaches609
GabbyHoehnCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)610
ShayneHoehnCaledonia NordicOfficials611
DerekSchickSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes616
KatelynSchickSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes617
BrendanMillerCaledonia NordicCoaches643
ConallTeixeiraVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)652
MarcTeixeiraVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters653
AndreiSecuWhistler Biathlon SocietyAthletes (Sr B/G & older)672
DanielaSecuI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaSupporters673
AdrianSecuI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaSupporters674
JasperMackenzieTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)685
Bjornvan GelovenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)701
CheltonvanGelovenCaledonia NordicCoaches702
AndreSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes713
KaiSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes714
NadiaSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes715
MiaSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubOfficials716
MeganTandyCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)722
RichardBLANCHETSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes729
RobertMcKayVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)744
DonJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubCoaches761
GavinJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)763
SylvieJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes764
LauraJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers765
WilliamTangWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)770
PierreDuflonSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes771
AgatheDucasCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)772
AriadneDouglasCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)773
ArtemisDouglasCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)774
ArloKastTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes789
IslaKastTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes790
ThomasSchratzWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)796
TimothyDykeWest Coast Nordic ClubCoaches798
KarenDykeWest Coast Nordic ClubSupporters799
AlyssaChapmanWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)810