Here are the registration numbers for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers for the 2017/2018 season, as of September 29, 2017.

First Name Last Name ClubCategoryMembership Number
LandonAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubRecreational Athletes427
StephanieAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters424
StigAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters425
BriannaAaslieCariboo Ski Touring ClubRecreational Athletes426
michaelakeyVancouver Island Biathlon ClubMaster Athletes444
CarlosAlarconSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes1352
EthanAlgraWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)837
JarodAlgraWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)838
SophiaAlgraWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)839
LynnAlgraWest Coast Nordic ClubSupporters840
PeterAlgraWest Coast Nordic ClubCoaches841
jonathanandersonSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes1137
LeviAntleSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes1204
MichelleArcandCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters233
DanicaArianoSovereign Lake Nordic CenterAthletes (Sr B/G & older)471
ShotaAsoNechako NordicsRecreational Athletes1375
BrianBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters202
GrahamBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)203
KarenBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters204
LauraBalkwillCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)205
MakennaBanserTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)438
TekarraBanserTelemark Ski ClubCoaches437
MichelleBanserTelemark Ski ClubCoaches436
SarahBeaudryCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)506
PierreBeaudryCaledonia NordicOfficials1325
LeisbetBeaudryCaledonia NordicOfficials1326
ColinBellI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaSupporters1330
ColeBenderOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)163
AdrienneBenderOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)164
WesBenderOmineca Ski ClubCoaches165
B EdwardBenoitTelemark Ski ClubOfficials492
NatalieBenoitTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)493
SeanBensonSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)394
AndrewBensonSea to Sky NordicsCoaches395
GrahamBensonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes1158
AgatheBernardOmineca Ski ClubCoaches166
SadieBialuskiCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes1343
SageBialuskiCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes1344
GinaBialuskiCaledonia NordicVolunteers1345
LarissaBlackSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)881
RichardBLANCHETSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes729
JessicaBlenkarnSea to Sky NordicsCoaches217
EmmanuelBussaniWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1231
IonaCadellCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)382
AliCadellCaledonia NordicCoaches934
IslaCadellCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes936
WillCadellCaledonia NordicCoaches937
MurrayCarlsonTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes8
MurrayCarlsonTelemark Ski ClubCoaches148
AlyssaChapmanWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)810
JaedonChaseSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1175
DanielleClareCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)44
EliseClareCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)45
SheldonClareCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)46
JosieCliffordSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes1174
KeriClossonCaledonia NordicSupporters357
paulcollardNechako NordicsOfficials511
MackenzieConnonCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)188
LiamConnonCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)189
JamesConnonCaledonia NordicCoaches190
SallyConnonCaledonia NordicOfficials191
DarrylCraigOther autreSupporters1239
SusanCrumpSovereign Lake Nordic CenterRecreational Athletes1202
StephaneDeseauSea to Sky NordicsOfficials1150
GustaveDeseauSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes1151
ChristophDettlingVancouver Island Biathlon ClubMaster Athletes252
EmilyDicksonCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)267
BryanDicksonOmineca Ski ClubCoaches358
AlexandraDicksonOmineca Ski ClubCoaches359
TerriDicksonOmineca Ski ClubOfficials507
PatDouglasVancouver Island Biathlon ClubOfficials457
AriadneDouglasCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)773
ArtemisDouglasCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)774
AgatheDucasCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)772
PierreDuflonSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes771
LaureenDusikSovereign Lake Nordic CenterCoaches200
TimothyDykeWest Coast Nordic ClubCoaches798
KarenDykeWest Coast Nordic ClubSupporters799
MorganDykeWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1152
TristanDykeWest Coast Nordic ClubRecreational Athletes1153
ClaireEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)103
RyanEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)104
ChrisEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubMaster Athletes105
EnzoFershauTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes445
DanikaFialaCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes351
TonyFialaCaledonia NordicCoaches1008
DanikaFialaCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1009
LeilaFlavianoCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)298
PollyFlavianoCaledonia NordicSupporters299
PollyFlavianoCaledonia NordicVolunteers1232
AdamFranzOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)1249
GlenFranzOmineca Ski ClubCoaches1250
QuinnFriesenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)354
MyaFriesenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)355
KentFriesenCaledonia NordicCoaches356
KiraFriesenTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)381
LorraineFriesenTelemark Ski ClubCoaches390
ShayneFriesenTelemark Ski ClubSupporters391
AlexanderGauldVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes353
DamianGeorgyevCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)307
PETARGEORGYEVCaledonia NordicCoaches308
PetraGierSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes1095
GillianGowlingSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)1306
OliverGrenierTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)476
ChristopherHalldorsonTelemark Ski ClubCoaches403
ChrisHamelinCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters1168
GiselaHamelinCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters1169
GraemeHamelinCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1170
ReeseHamelinCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)1171
CamilleHanrySovereign Lake Nordic CenterRecreational Athletes1195
JasmineHanrySovereign Lake Nordic CenterRecreational Athletes1196
ScottHanrySovereign Lake Nordic CenterSupporters1197
MichelleHanrySovereign Lake Nordic CenterSupporters1198
BrydonHarris-IrvineSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)1149
Mary IsobelHartleyCaledonia NordicCoaches274
WolfgangHauserI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaVolunteers1134
AndrewHayTelemark Ski ClubCoaches109
ColtonHayTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)114
RoryHayTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)115
TrevorHayesVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes1148
JohnHeiligSea to Sky NordicsCoaches835
ErikHeiligSea to Sky NordicsCoaches836
SofieHillSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)1181
TuppyHoehnCaledonia NordicCoaches609
GabbyHoehnCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)610
ShayneHoehnCaledonia NordicOfficials611
ErikHoffmanCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)146
EdHoffmanCaledonia NordicVolunteers147
YvetteJacksonSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes1189
MicahJacobCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)498
MajaJacobCaledonia NordicCoaches497
DonJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubCoaches761
GavinJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)763
SylvieJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes764
LauraJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers765
AllisonJoyceCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)300
EthanJoyceCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)367
ArloKastTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes789
IslaKastTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes790
KaedeKawanoOther autreAthletes (Sr B/G & older)27
JonathanKerrVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes291
GwenKerrVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes293
TobinKerrVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes294
KiraKishimotoSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes521
PeterKopicWest Coast Nordic ClubSupporters1046
KyleKopicWest Coast Nordic ClubRecreational Athletes1044
CalebKopicWest Coast Nordic ClubRecreational Athletes1045
MatthiasKorpusSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)1319
millerKrieseBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)333
KevinKrieseBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches334
JimKurtaCariboo Ski Touring ClubCoaches1378
CallieLancasterBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Master Athletes43
JeniLeeCaledonia NordicCoaches1019
GlenLeightonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes368
IanLeightonSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes369
ClaireLesawichBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)174
WallyLesawichBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches175
EtienneLetondeurSea to Sky NordicsCoaches858
SimonLongSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)1157
JasperMackenzieTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)685
TravisMalliaOther autreOfficials825
KeiranMarchandOther autreAthletes (Sr B/G & older)92
CathyMartinSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes1178
NicoleMcBrideNechako NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)345
MarthaMcBrideNechako NordicsCoaches346
LisaMcCargarCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters106
AnnickMcIntoshCaledonia NordicCoaches1021
RobertMcKayVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)744
JohnMcNernTelemark Ski ClubMaster Athletes16
TimurMcNernTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)17
AedanMillerCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)550
BrendanMillerCaledonia NordicCoaches643
OdinMillsCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)234
LeonardoMiotteOmineca Ski ClubRecreational Athletes1311
LinneaMoutrayNechako NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)18
KevinMoutrayNechako NordicsCoaches21
BertMuellerSovereign Lake Nordic CenterCoaches201
GraceNadlerVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes1303
EliNadlerVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes1304
AndrewNadlerVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers1305
WanetaNealisOmineca Ski ClubCoaches1307
MattNealisOmineca Ski ClubSupporters1308
KyleNealisOmineca Ski ClubRecreational Athletes1309
AvaNealisOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1310
QuinnNeilCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)400
VernonNeilCaledonia NordicCoaches401
PederNessetCaledonia NordicCoaches264
AnjaNessetCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes265
JenniferNessetCaledonia NordicOfficials266
MattNeumannCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)598
TylerNgSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1205
DonnaOlsonTelemark Ski ClubVolunteers110
AnnaParkhomenkaSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1179
TomPawlowskiSea to Sky NordicsCoaches877
BenitaPeifferSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1165
GuyPépinOther autreOfficials347
BlairPettisVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes320
SashaQureshiSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1167
JuliaRansomTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)467
KenRansomTelemark Ski ClubOfficials468
ChristineRansomTelemark Ski ClubSupporters469
OdenRansomTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes470
AveryRasmussenSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)1212
LiamReuschCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)1018
LeifRichterSovereign Lake Nordic CenterRecreational Athletes1200
JesseRichterSovereign Lake Nordic CenterRecreational Athletes1201
AvalonRichterSovereign Lake Nordic CenterRecreational Athletes1203
CatherineRobinsonTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes908
LiseRokSovereign Lake Nordic CenterRecreational Athletes830
DerekSchickSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes616
KatelynSchickSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes617
RobertSchniderVancouver Island Biathlon ClubOfficials223
MartinSchramaWhistler Biathlon SocietyCoaches879
ThomasSchratzWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)796
AndreiSecuWhistler Biathlon SocietyAthletes (Sr B/G & older)672
DanielaSecuI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaSupporters673
AdrianSecuI am a Supporter of biathlon in British ColumbiaSupporters674
LiamSinclairCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)360
PaytonSinclairCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)361
AaronSinclairCaledonia NordicCoaches362
StaceySinclairCaledonia NordicCoaches363
ArmanSoheiliWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)871
ArtinSoheiliWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)872
ArianSoheiliWest Coast Nordic ClubCoaches873
AndreSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes713
KaiSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes714
NadiaSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes715
MiaSonnenburgVancouver Island Biathlon ClubOfficials716
MaxSterelyukhinSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)1180
MarieSt-PierreSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes435
BenSweenySea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)1211
MeganTandyCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)722
WilliamTangWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)770
GaryTateSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes1094
ConallTeixeiraVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)652
MarcTeixeiraVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters653
Deryck-JamesTsangWest Coast Nordic ClubRecreational Athletes433
TonyTsangWest Coast Nordic ClubCoaches434
AngusTweedieBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)4
PeterTweedieBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches5
KaitlinUribe PawlowskiSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)876
Bjornvan GelovenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)701
CheltonvanGelovenCaledonia NordicCoaches702
GabrielvanGelovenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)1022
CodyVanwerkhovenNechako NordicsAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)176
KylaVanwerkhovenNechako NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)177
NicholasVeekenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)157
ElisabethVeekenCaledonia NordicCoaches158
NickVeekenCaledonia NordicCoaches159
ClaudiaVivianiSea to Sky NordicsCoaches882
ChristyWagnerVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes292
ColeWanklingCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)278
JeremiahWardWest Coast Nordic ClubRecreational Athletes1346
TammyWardWest Coast Nordic ClubSupporters1347
ClaytonWhitmanWhistler Biathlon SocietyOfficials216
CharlieWilliamsCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)303
JosephWinkelaarVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)479
BrynnWitwickiCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)2
AlanWitwickiCaledonia NordicCoaches3
LavinaWongSea to Sky NordicsRecreational Athletes370