Here are the registration numbers for athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers for the 2018/2019 season, as of May 10, 2018.

First NameLast NameClubCategoryMembership Number
AaronSinclairCaledonia NordicCoaches255
AdrienneBenderOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)193
AgatheBernardOmineca Ski ClubCoaches195
AlanWitwickiCaledonia NordicMaster Athletes36
AlanHuggettCaledonia NordicSupporters200
AlexanderGauldVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes98
AngusTweedieOther autreAthletes (Sr B/G & older)126
BlairPettisVancouver Island Biathlon ClubMaster Athletes21
BryanDicksonOmineca Ski ClubCoaches294
BrynnWitwickiCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)35
CalebKopicWest Coast Nordic ClubRecreational Athletes220
CallieLancasterBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Master Athletes182
ChrisEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubMaster Athletes59
ChristyWagnerVancouver Island Biathlon ClubVolunteers23
ClaireLesawichBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)240
ClaireEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)58
ClaytonWhitmanWhistler Biathlon SocietyOfficials201
ColeBenderOmineca Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)194
DamianGeorgyevCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)156
DanicaArianoSovereign Lake Nordic CenterAthletes (Sr B/G & older)227
DanikaFialaCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)122
DonJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubCoaches169
ElisabethVeekenCaledonia NordicCoaches184
EmilyDicksonCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)293
EricTangWest Coast Nordic ClubCoaches171
EthanAlgraSovereign Lake Nordic CenterAthletes (Sr B/G & older)149
GaryTateSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes276
GavinJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)168
GillianGowlingSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)270
GwenKerrVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)24
JamesConnonCaledonia NordicCoaches112
JessicaBlenkarnSea to Sky NordicsCoaches202
JohnMcNernTelemark Ski ClubMaster Athletes14
JonathanKerrVancouver Island Biathlon ClubMaster Athletes22
JosephWinkelaarVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)226
JoshuaFialaCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes119
KarenFunkVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes311
KevinKrieseBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches181
KevinMoutrayNechako NordicsCoaches28
KiraFriesenTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)146
KyleKopicWest Coast Nordic ClubRecreational Athletes222
LarissaBlackSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)259
LauraJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubSupporters167
LiaHuggettCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)199
LiamConnonCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)114
LiamSinclairCaledonia NordicAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)252
LinneaMoutrayNechako NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)27
LisaMcCargarCariboo Ski Touring ClubSupporters60
LorraineFriesenTelemark Ski ClubCoaches148
LorraineFriesenTelemark Ski ClubCoaches147
LynnAlgraSovereign Lake Nordic CenterOfficials151
MackenzieConnonCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)113
MakennaBanserTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)214
MelanieKopicWest Coast Nordic ClubSupporters223
michaelakeyVancouver Island Biathlon ClubMaster Athletes37
MichelleBanserTelemark Ski ClubCoaches216
MichelleSasvariBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches128
MillerKrieseBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Athletes (Sr B/G & older)180
MurrayCarlsonTelemark Ski ClubCoaches38
NicholasVeekenCaledonia NordicAthletes (Sr B/G & older)185
paulcollardNechako NordicsOfficials53
PaytonSinclairCaledonia NordicRecreational Athletes253
PETARGEORGYEVCaledonia NordicCoaches157
PeterAlgraSovereign Lake Nordic CenterCoaches150
PeterTweedieBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches127
PeterKopicWest Coast Nordic ClubSupporters221
PetraGierSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes310
RussellSchickSea to Sky NordicsMaster Athletes279
RyanEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)67
RyanEldenCariboo Ski Touring ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)260
SallyConnonCaledonia NordicOfficials115
SeanBensonSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)70
SimonLongSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)152
StaceySinclairCaledonia NordicCoaches254
SteveFenningTelemark Ski ClubRecreational Athletes54
SylvieJohnstonVancouver Island Biathlon ClubRecreational Athletes165
TaylorFultonSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)144
TekarraBanserTelemark Ski ClubCoaches217
TerriDicksonOmineca Ski ClubOfficials292
TimurMcNernTelemark Ski ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)15
TobinKerrVancouver Island Biathlon ClubAthletes (Jr B/G & younger)25
TonyFialaCaledonia NordicCoaches123
TrevorSchickSea to Sky NordicsAthletes (Sr B/G & older)133
WallyLesawichBulkley Valley Biathlon (BV Cross country ski club)Coaches241
WendyFialaCaledonia NordicCoaches121
WesBenderOmineca Ski ClubCoaches196
WilliamTangWest Coast Nordic ClubAthletes (Sr B/G & older)170