Rob will take over the reins as our Treasurer, filling the position that was vacant since the May AGM.  Rob is an Advanced Official, Gold Community Coach, and IPC (International Paralympic Committee) Biathlon International Referee Trainee,  He has been active with Cadet Biathlon for BC and National Events, and is a member of the Vancouver Island BC club at Mt Washington.

“It’s zero dark thirty and time to get up. Last night the Chief of Competition said, “There’s a good chance of snow tonight. Wheels up at 0530.” Last night’s weather left a 12” dump of snow on the mountain, so I knew we’d be in for a good lot of shoveling. It was a good thing that the groomer had worked the trails and stadium all night. If only I knew what I was getting into when I started helping with biathlon five years ago.

I am part of the competition staff. The staff are the “behind the scenes” people that set up the race, track results, ensure fair play, and lead the dozens of volunteers it takes to host a biathlon competition. I have had the honour to have been mentored by a few of the best biathlon officials in the Province ? Fiona Milne (Technical Delegate), Pat Douglas (Technical Delegate), and Tony Tsang (International Referee). Working in a staff position to assist with the competition requires knowledge in many of the major race components, including the running, maintenance and management of the firing range, the stadium, the course, and the penalty loop. My strength is in leading the timing and results group, due to a strong background working with computer databases.”

Welcome aboard Rob!  And thanks to Tony Tsang and Peter Algra who kept things in order until now.