One of Biathlon BC’s current coach development objectives is to train and certify several new learning facilitators and evaluators (“LF/Es”) throughout the province. Our goal is to have at least one LF/E in each of the eight BC Games zones. To that end Biathlon BC is organizing LF/E training for community coaching this Fall.

There are two steps to the process to becoming a LF/E: first, you must complete the “core” NCCP LF/E training offered by viaSport; and second you must complete the “content-specific” LF/E training offered by Biathlon Canada. Please note that there are pre-requisites for this training: in order to take the LF/E training, you must have been a certified community coach for 2 years and you must be approved by Biathlon Canada.

If you are interested in becoming a learning facilitator or coach evaluator, send an expression of interest to Clay Whitman, VP Admin at by August 15 to get the approval process started. Approved LF/E candidates will have their course fee for the Core training and the Content-Specific training paid for by Biathlon BC.

Basic information about the upcoming Core training and Content-Specific training workshops are below so you can save the dates for the two weekends. More details about the November 10/11 content-specific LF/E training will be available shortly.

Core Training

The first step is to take the Core learning facilitator and evaluator training. These can be taken separately but it is recommended that you do both workshops.

September 28 – Core Training for Learning Facilitators, Burnaby

September 29 – Core Training for Coach Evaluators, Burnaby

For more details about core training for learning facilitators and evaluators, and for course registration, go to

Content-Specific Training for Community Coaching LF/Es

Biathlon BC is offering content-specific learning facilitator and evaluator training for community coaching on November 10-11. Jacqueline Akerman, Jessica Blenkarn and Clayton Whitman are the facilitators for this workshop.

The workshop will be on November 10 (14:00-21:00) and 11 (9:00-17:00) at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel in Richmond, B.C.

What will I be qualified to do after I take these workshops?

Once you have taken the core training and the content-specific training, you will be a “trained” learning facilitator and evaluator. You will be able to co-deliver the Silver Community Coach workshop and the Gold Community Coach workshop, and co-evaluate Gold Community coaches.  Once you have co-delivered or co-evaluated, you will become able to deliver these workshops/evaluations.

What About Competition-Introduction?

Our plan is to offer content-specific training for Competition-Introduction Coaching LF/Es in the summer or fall of 2020.  For this workshop you will require the Core Training, and to have been a certified Competition-Introduction Coach for 2 years.