Biathlon BC has updated its hosting policy to establish an exemption on the use of of artificial heating devices by athletes in Midget and Juvenile categories.

Under the new policy, the use of artificial heating devices such as hand and foot warmers by athletes in Midget and Juvenile categories will not be considered prohibited materials. Midgets and Juveniles will be allowed to compete while using such artificial heating devices.

However, this exemption only applies to the Midget and Juvenile categories. Athletes in other categories will not be permitted to start or will be disqualified if they use artificial heating devices during a competition, as per section 1.3(b) of Annex A to the IBU Event and Competition Rules.

Technical Delegates and clubs hosting BC Cups this year should familiarize themselves with this new rule as well as other changes to the IBU Event and Competition Rules.

The updated hosting policy is available on our Resources page, or by clicking this link: Hosting Policy December 2015

Questions or concerns about this exemption can be forwarded to