Our Mission

To promote and encourage Biathlon in all parts of British Columbia as a recreational and competitive sport.

Our Vision

Biathlon BC will foster the development of the sport of Biathlon by:

  • Promoting the development of biathlon in all areas of British Columbia within a developmentally appropriate and gender equal environment;
  • Operating the provincial team and a provincial competitive program;
  • Increasing participation and optimize performance in athletic activities in general, and biathlon in particular; and
  • Providing guidance, information and assistance to the members of the Society to further the achievement of these objectives.

Our Values

  • Athletes, officials, coaches and all other members will assume responsibility for and act ethically and with integrity, in support of the Mission, Vision and Value Statements of Biathlon BC.
  • Athletes, officials, coaches and volunteers will continuously strive for excellence and improve their performance levels through practice and continuing education.
  • Safety of athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and the public will be of primary importance for Biathlon BC, and its members will abide by all governmental regulations with respect to the control and transportation of firearms.
  • Honesty, courtesy, fair play and respect for the rights of others will form the basis of Biathlon BC’s dealings.
  • Biathlon BC will foster effective communications with its members and participants.
  • Enjoyment and satisfaction will be gained from participating in biathlon as an athlete, coach, official or volunteer.