Constitution & Bylaws

  1. The name of the Society is “THE BIATHLON SOCIETY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA”.
  2. The purposes of the Society are:
    • to function as the governing body of Biathlon British Columbia;
    • to promote and co-ordinate competitive and non-competitive development of biathlon, including the operation of a provincial team and a provincial competitive program;
    • to provide guidance, information and assistance to the members of the Society to further the achievement of these objects, and the development of biathlon programs within the Province;
    • to exercise exclusive jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to the participation of British Columbia biathlon teams in national championships and other competitions;
    • to promote and encourage physical fitness and public participation in athletic activities in general, and biathlon in particular.
  3. Irrevocable Dissolution:
    • In the event of the winding up or dissolution of the Society, the assets of the Society remaining after all debts of the Society have been paid, or provision for payment has been made, must, by resolution of the members, be transferred to an organization or organizations having a purpose similar to this Society, or being otherwise deserving of support, and registered as a Society organization under the Society Act.
    • The aforesaid paragraph must not be alterable by any resolution or special resolution of the members of the Society.