Membership & Categories

Become a Member

Individuals must register with Biathlon BC in order to participate in club biathlon activities, training camps and competitions. The current membership period is from April 1st to March 31st for each competition season. 

Club and Individual registrations are now available, please see more information on How To Join.

Membership Categories


An athlete registration provides full  privileges for training and competing in Biathlon BC. It includes a licence to compete in all biathlon competitions in North America, and is required in order to be eligible for Biathlon BC Camps and Teams.

Athletes may enter into the competitive categories at a BC Cups and Championships, and are eligible to receive BC Cup points.

Recreational Athlete

A Recreational Athlete registration is required for biathlon training, and for participation in non-competitive events such as recreational races and demonstration days and training in a club-based program.

Recreational Athletes ages 8-12 (as of December 31st) may participate in the U13 Categories including Novice and Juvenile categories at a BC Cup. Otherwise, Recreational Athlete members can only participate in a BC Cup in the Recreational category.

Recreational Athletes are NOT eligible to receive BC Cup points, regardless of what category they participate in. A Recreational Athlete registration is $30.


NCCP trained or certified coach. Coach registration is required in order to undertake biathlon coaching activities. 

A coach is NOT eligible to race competitively with this membership. If members are active in more than one category (ie. Masters Athlete and Coach), they must select the category with the highest fee on the registration form. A Coach registration is $20.


Biathlon Canada trained official. An Official is not eligible to race competitively with this membership. Officials registration provides insurance to undertake biathlon officiating activities, and provides support for the sport of biathlon in BC and Canada. Officials registration is $20.


Supporter of biathlon. A Supporter is not eligible to race competitively with this membership. A supporter/volunteer registration provides insurance to undertake biathlon volunteering activities, and provides support for the sport of biathlon in BC and Canada. The current Supporter/Volunteer registration is $20.

Racing Categories

Junior Boy/Girl & Younger is for athletes ages 14 and under (as of December 31st). Athlete registration for Junior Boy/Girl and younger is $80.

Senior Boy/Girl & Older is for athletes ages 15-34 (as of December 31st). Athlete registration for Senior Boy/Girl and older is $120.

Masters is for athletes ages 35 and older (as of December 31st). Competitive athletes aged 35+ are not obliged to register as Masters; they may register as Athletes (Sr B/G & Older) and compete in their respective Men/Women category. Please register in this category if you plan to compete the majority of the time in the Masters category. Athlete registration for Masters is $120.

Day Licenses

Privileges and Restrictions of Day Licenses

  • Day licence allows you to participate in all biathlon activities that require Biathlon Canada insurance, including recreational races, promotional events, and demo days.
  • Day licences cannot be used for out-of-province biathlon activities.
  • A day licence is required for each single day of a biathlon related activity. For example, if you are participating in a two-day event and do not have a Biathlon Canada membership, you will be required to obtain two day licences.
  • An individual may only obtain up to two day licences per season. After they have obtained two day licences in a season, if they wish to participate in further biathlon activity they can purchase a Recreational Athlete or other membership. See How To Join for information.

Day Licences

Day Licences are free and are administered by Biathlon Canada.

Day Licenses can be obtained online through Biathlon Canada website – Tryout Licence