Canadian Championships

All BC athletes who have demonstrated an ability to meaningfully compete at Nationals shall have the opportunity to register provided that:

  1. They are approved by a Competition-Introduction certified coach;
  2. They are in good standing with their club;
  3. They have a PAL or Minor’s License; and
  4. They have a Full Athlete Membership.

Nationals is used by BiBC in its criteria for nomination to the Squads and for Canadian Sport Institute / PacificSport athlete registration. In an effort to help athletes achieve their best possible performance at Nationals, BiBC may provide support to a select group of athletes from all categories. This support will vary from year to year with BIBC budget and location of Nationals. This support may take the form of technical support, grants and/or clothing.

Women Category Starts at 2019 NorAm & Canadian Championship in Whistler